We Challenged R29 Staffers To Do Their Makeup Using Household Products

You'd be shocked at the number of beauty products you can whip up with items laying around your house. Need a highlighter? Just tap some Vaseline onto the tops of your cheekbones. Too lazy to run out to the store and grab a fresh can of dry shampoo? Mix your own with common kitchen supplies. Run out of your favorite lipstick? Look no further than your produce bin. (Seriously.)
There's a whole world of DIY beauty out there, and all you need is a little creativity to tap into it. That's why we challenged our staffers to create makeup looks out of common household items. Think: powder drink mix, various cooking oils, flowers, and veggies. Sure, it may just be easier to slick on some eyeliner and be on your way, but there's no denying that these videos are super-entertaining.

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