Complete Your Holiday Look With This DIY Glitter Collar

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Perhaps you’d like to spend your holiday downtime doing something more productive, rather than just vegging on your couch watching a marathon of bad Christmas movies? We said perhaps. If you are, in fact, looking for a creative outlet this week, try this easy and fun DIY recipe for creating a sparkly collar. Our inspiration for this project first came about after reading Miss Vinyl Ahoy’s DIY Miu Miu Collar instructions. We’ve decided to update the look by using a peter pan collar, and since glitter was always a staple in our childhood arts and crafts endeavors, we’re using sparkles, too. Throw this accessory on any T-shirt and it’s an instant festive look. And, in case you wondering: you can totally watch your marathon while completing your new accessory.

What you’ll need:
A button down shirt with a peter pan collar (thrifting for it would probably be best)
Mod Podge glue
Small bowl

1. Cut the collar off the shirt. Get close to the seam and make sure you do not cut off the top button or buttonhole of collar.
2. Iron the collar, so there are no folds or wrinkles.
3. Mix copious amounts of glitter together with the Mod Podge in bowl. Then use the paintbrush to apply the mixture onto the collar. It may take a few coats.
4. Let it dry.
5. Once dry, place it over any complimentary shirt.

Photo: Via Abataba.

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