4 Tasty Fetes, 20 Dinner-Party Essentials

When we hear the phrase "dinner party," we envision a super-sophisticated, Martha Stewart-channeling sort of affair — complete with the perfectly set table and tons of fancy-pants food (served in five to seven courses). But, that's not the kind of fete we'll be hosting this weekend. Instead, we're keeping things low-key, inviting over a few friends and some family, and sticking to what we know best. And, that happens to include pizza, wine, cheese, and Chinese takeout.
If you're a newbie to playing host or you're simply strapped for time, don't worry. We've got all the dinner-party inspiration you'll need to master four tasty menus in a snap. From casual pizza parties and wine-and-cheese socials to dessert-only gatherings and the ultimate order-in night, these alternative themes will show off your playful side in a totally rad, incredibly delicious way. Play some tunes, chow down on some good food, and, perhaps most important, relax and enjoy. Click ahead to see what's cooking!

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