Did Justin Bieber's New Perfume Knock Off Marc Jacobs?

We're still weirded out by the fact that the Biebs collaborated on a nail-polish. And now, he's launching a perfume called "Someday," inspired by his "deep connection with [his] fans." His whole beauty beat is clearly marketed toward the gaggle of tweens who won't hesitate to drop some change on anything Bieber-related, but did his team need to blatantly rip-off the packaging for Marc Jacobs' Lola perfume? Okay, Bieber's cap is heart-shaped and Jacobs' is more floral in design, but it's still a study in serious similarities. And, considering the noxious fumes wafted by other celeb scents, we can only imagine what Someday will smell like…Justin Bieber's teenage dream? (BellaSugar)

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