I Tried Diamond Microdermabrasion — & My Skin Is Glowing

If you're looking for something stronger than a washcloth to rub off the sweat, dead skin, and stress of 2020, microdermabrasion might be your answer. This facial treatment refreshes the skin by buffing away dead cells to help even your tone and texture. For this month's episode of Macro Beauty, we got a closer look at the procedure through first time facial recipient, Rissa.
At 27 years old, Rissa decided to get her first-ever facial to brighten her skin and jumpstart her new routine. “I’m hoping that with this treatment my skin will look glowy and dewy and young and fresh, and I can really start my new adult skin-care routine," Rissa says. During her consultation with celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas, Rissa expresses concern about hyperpigmentation and the texture of her cheeks. Vargas assures her that after the treatment, she’ll look like she “just came back from vacation," which is something a lot of us probably need. 
Microdermabrasion, when safely administered by a professional, can be great for treating hyperpigmentation in medium to dark skin tones. According to Corey L. Hartman, board certified dermatologist and founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology in Alabama, "Microdermabrasion is a safe procedure for anybody. It's really just a vacuum for the skin that provides light exfoliation through a tip that can be slightly rough." Diamond-tipped tools are commonly found in traditional models, and as long as the esthetician is careful not to apply too much pressure, the risk of scarring is very low.
For Rissa's treatment, which was part of the spa's Triple Crown Facial, Vargas started by thoroughly cleansing and toning her skin to get rid of any oil-based serums before she passed the diamond tip wand over her face. Yes, there are fine diamonds on the surface of the tip that work to gently remove dead skin without disrupting the skin barrier. Vargas moved the wand over Rissa's entire face, paying close attention to her cheeks where she expressed concern about texture and discoloration. After deep cleansing her skin with a Vitamin C face wash, Vargas went in with a micro-current device to tighten the skin and face muscles and combat puffiness. “It’s kind of like going to the gym for the face,” Vargas says. She finished by smoothing on a Bright Eye Hydrating Mask and misting an oxygen spray over her face.
Rissa’s reaction to the results? “Oh my gosh, I’m glowing, guys,” she says. After this facial, Rissa challenged herself to be more proactive in her skin -are routine because, as Vargas says, “Great skin isn’t about your DNA; it’s really about your skin-care routine and lifestyle choices. Anybody can have great skin. You just have to make good choices.” 

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