5 Things To Know This A.M. — Sep 07 2012

We know, we know: There's so much going on this week, but trust us when we say you'll want to make room in your calendar for this event. Details magazine is opening the Details Collections gallery, a menswear hub for Fashion Week housed in the Lincoln Center Public Library. Finally, a place for boys to be fashionable men. (Details)
Breakups have never looked as good as they do on Katie Holmes. When we first met Joey—uh, we mean Katie—she was practically a kid, but now that she's a woman (and a successful designer at that) we can't help but deny how lovely she's grown up to be. (WWD)
Rajon Rondo, the Boston Celtics point guard, is trading in his basketball for a steamer. The sports star will be spending New York Fashion Week as a fashion intern for GQ. Yes, it's all kinds of random, but who says a love of sports and a love of fashion have to be mutually exclusive? (GQ)
What makes a fashion show? Of course, the collection itself, but it's more than just that, right? After all, the catwalk wouldn't be nearly as captivating if the models were just walking in complete silence. These DJs share their playlists for coming shows, and we want to download every single song. (NY Times)
The Olympics have come and gone, but it looks like Ryan Lochte is here to stay. Yes, the bro-licious swimmer will be covering Fashion Week for the E! Channel. Here's to hoping he has commentary a bit more thrilling than just "Jeah." (Fashion Indie)

Photo: Via WWD