Sipping Pretty: Deluxe Honeydrop’s New Nectars

honeydrop-1218So this super cute guy just dropped into the office bearing wonderful, delicious, drinkable gifts. We all collectively cracked a bottle, and all you could hear from various corners of the room were satisfied oohs and aahs - imagine that - a new drink to love, and it's not even alcoholic! Now, to the point. Aforementioned cute guy turns out to be none other than Steven Zimmerman, Senior Vice-President of the brand new organic honey-infused beverage line, Deluxe Honeydrop. Founded by David Luks (aka Deluxe), Honeydrop was just launched this week, as an alternative to all those sugary substances on the market.
The low cal, low sugar juices come in 4 flavors: Blood Orange (our personal fave), Apple, Chamomile, and Blueberry. They're healthy (honey = good for you, antioxidants = good for you) as can bee (we had to use that pun, as their logo's a... bee) and even help soothe coughs and sore throats. Yep, we're thinking these delicious drinkables are a surefire way to keep healthy and hydrated during all that power-shopping.
For more info go to Available at Whole Foods.