Ditch, Swap, Keep: Spring-Cleaning Your Beauty Routine

Sometimes, it feels like the point of guides to seasonal beauty is just to convince you to buy a million things — the “it” color, the “must-have” serum, the “can’t-live-without” body lotion. Odds are pretty good that, if you’re reading this, you’ve amassed quite a few beauty products in your day. (Perhaps, enough to cause a slight scuffle with a roommate or S.O.? No? Just us?)

The truth is, hoarding stuff won't bring you happiness — but purging will. Editing your stash means a more streamlined, cohesive, and consistent routine (which, we believe, will result in happier skin). And, utilizing products you may have shelved can save you some serious dollar bills.

Keeping all this in mind, we asked Ildi Pekar, a notable New York City facialist, and Kerry Benjamin, one of our favorite L.A. aestheticians, to help us figure out what we need to toss, what could use an upgrade, and what we can (gasp) keep using come springtime. Read on for a no-BS guide to beauty spring-cleaning. 

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