Are You Using Your Debit Card To Grow Your Savings? Here’s How

Illustrated by Lily Fulop
When it comes to managing money, savings hacks are only part of the equation. Sure, smart savings strategies are essential. But equally important are smart spending strategies: No matter how carefully you’re watching your budget, you’ve still gotta eat, pay rent, and (hopefully) have enough left over for the occasional happy hour. According to a recent study by GoBankingRates, millennials spend an average of $208.77 a day in purchases across categories. So how do you make sure that cash goes as far as possible? One strategy is choosing a debit card that helps you do the work of budgeting, while giving you cash back on everyday purchases.
“We hear so much about credit card hacking, and that can be great for some people,” says Tonya Rapley, millennial money expert and creator of My Fab Finance. “But credit cards can leave people vulnerable to overspending. And if you’re carrying even a small balance from month to month, high interest rates likely outweigh the value of any credit card rewards.” A debit card can provide real-time cash flow tracking and the security that comes with knowing exactly where your money is going. Here are all the most brilliant ways to capitalize on your everyday debit card swipes.

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