David Yurman Gets A Madison Avenue Townhouse

While townhouses on Madison Ave. might not ever be something in our future, David Yurman is letting us be a part of his upcoming Mad. Ave. pad with the opening of his new boutique, a three floor, 2,000 square-foot update on the classic brownstone townhouse filled with the entire range of his collection, plus some one-of-a-kind pieces. If you've got nuptials on the mind, the third floor is dedicated to brides-to-be, with a private parlor and by appointment viewings, while photo enthusiasts will love the classic snaps scattered through the manse. Celebrating the jeweler's 30th anniversary, this Madison Avenue jewel-box is the perfect spot to get all Truman Capote-ish—the marble flooring, bronze silk mirrors, and sumptuous wood paneling is sure to put you in the mood for some old-fashioned cocktails. Now if only Nate Archibald would make an appearance...
712 Madison Avenue (at 63rd Street);

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