This Is What A Twitter-Themed Wedding Looks Like

A friend referred me to Laurie when I started casting for Cupidity. She described her (roughly) as "an online dating coach who met a professional wingman and got married in a Twitter-themed wedding." I had to know more. No, I had to know everything. What was interesting about Laurie's story was not only that she'd dated her now-husband while they were getting their respective businesses off the ground, but that she'd done so long-distance. She implemented dating "rules" like dressing up for long Skype dates that included dinners and a movie. And, in what is the most touching part of her tale, Laurie also weathered a fair amount of relationship distress, as the natural ebbs of a long-term partnership wore on the couple that, on the surface, looked like the perfect pair. One hard year of rehabilitating an injury and crying in public (as most New Yorkers can relate to) and Laurie and her husband were back on track to wed, as Laurie puts it, "under a chandelier of Twitter birds." 'Til death do their love wings part. Watch the below for some BTS details and check out the world of Cupidity for more real-life love.

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