The New NYC Laundry Service That Will Change Your Life

Don't get us wrong, we love living in NYC and all, but there are certain, well, concessions we have to make. Laundry, for instance, is constantly a source of stress — lugging it all the way to the cleaners, forgetting to leave work early to pick it up... and don't even get us started on doing it ourselves at the laundromat. Now, much to our delight, a local banker-turned-entrepreneur has just opened DashLocker, a new laundry service that has given us back our sanity.
The premise is simple: Instead of dropping your dirties at your neighborhood cleaners, you dump them in one of DashLocker's 24/7 lockers. They'll pick up your stuff that night, wash/dry clean/fold that day, and then return everything by the same time the next night. The service will automatically send you a text message when your duds are ready, and you can pick them up — wait for it — whenever you want. Literally. Stop in and grab your new dress on the way to the club, or pick up your so-fresh-and-clean jammies on the way back. Lockers are now open on the Upper East Side, but the company plans to expand to other 'hoods throughout the city soon, so those "laundry day undies" will be a thing of the past.

Photo: Courtesy of DashLocker