Dane of the Day: Cecilie

dane1Walking through Copenhagen for Fashion Week, we've been stopping the best-dressed of it's many inhabitants to see what goes on in the mind and style of these fashionable northern people. Our "Dane of the Day" for Wednesday is the fetching Cecilie Kondrup, Manager and Assistant Buyer at Kassandra, one of Copenhagen's best shoe stores.
So what are you wearing?
My rain boots are a Danish staple, because of the rainy weather…they're from the French brand Aigle. The Jumper is from Moshi Moshi, and the Jacket is from the Danish label Heartmade.
You going to any shows during Fashion Week?
I'm gonna stop by the DAY Birger et Mikkelsen and Camilla Staerk shows.
What's your next big purchase?
Dolce & Gabbana rubber boots—I'm all about those for Fall.
So the Danes were recently rated the happiest people in the world, what do you think that's all about?
Well I think we're actually all pretty stressed, but we also know how to unwind…we have this word "hygge"—which sort of translates to cozy…it's this whole state of mind…we love to be social, and sit at cafes, sip a coffee or a glass of white wine, and just enjoy life. That's probably the secret.
What's the one thing you can't be without on a daily basis?