How To Reset Your Damaged Hair For Spring

In literature, spring is often associated with new beginnings. For some, it means shedding literal weight (in the form of heavy winter boots and those black puffer coats from hell); for others, maybe it means giving up a toxic relationship or a state of mind that's holding you back from all the opportunities ahead.
It also tends to be the time of year most of us desperately want to break out of a hair rut — especially after a season of beanies, scarves, and bitter winter weather. If that means a big chop for you, go for it. But if you're looking for other ways to refresh your dry and damaged hair — without shaving off 12 inches — we've got you covered, too.
Ahead, the pros' guide to rescuing your natural, relaxed, and color-treated strands from the longest winter imaginable. It's time to shine, baby.
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