Cute Engagement Photos That Aren’t Cheesy

Engagement photos can often be awkward-looking. Between tired poses and cheeseball themes, many of them end up on satirical blogs that poke fun of their questionable artistic direction. You can't really blame the Interwebs, though: Any couple who announces the news with a photo of their naked bodies intertwined is basically asking for ridicule.
However, these images can be charming commemorations of love — when done correctly. They're a chance for the newly engaged to mark the beginning of a journey in a way that's much more low-key and personal than an official wedding album.
Toeing the fine line between romantic and cringe-worthy can be a difficult task. That's why our eyes lit up upon seeing pictures of interior designer Tanika Goudeau and her fiancé Brian Hochhauser. Taken at the Storm King Art Center in upstate New York, these cute snapshots captured the pair interacting with curious outdoor art installations while beaming with joy. The whole series was done in a sweet and tasteful way that definitely won't embarrass their grandchildren decades later. Click through to read about their interesting concept and see more from the shoot. Preserving this milestone on film at an artsy locale has become our newest #relationshipgoal.

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