Cute Engagement Photos That Aren't Cheesy

Engagement photos can often be awkward-looking. Between tired poses and cheeseball themes, many of them end up on satirical blogs that poke fun of their questionable artistic direction. You can't really blame the Interwebs, though: Any couple who announces the news with a photo of their naked bodies intertwined is basically asking for ridicule.
However, these images can be charming commemorations of love — when done correctly. They're a chance for the newly engaged to mark the beginning of a journey in a way that's much more low-key and personal than an official wedding album.
Toeing the fine line between romantic and cringe-worthy can be a difficult task. That's why our eyes lit up upon seeing pictures of interior designer Tanika Goudeau and her fiancé Brian Hochhauser. Taken at the Storm King Art Center in upstate New York, these cute snapshots captured the pair interacting with curious outdoor art installations while beaming with joy. The whole series was done in a sweet and tasteful way that definitely won't embarrass their grandchildren decades later. Click through to read about their interesting concept and see more from the shoot. Preserving this milestone on film at an artsy locale has become our newest #relationshipgoal.
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Photo: Courtesy of Jerm Cohen Photography.
How did you two meet?
"We met at an NYU alumni scotch-tasting event. The combination of being a bit buzzed and having a common ground in fine whisky made meeting him much easier."
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Photo: Courtesy of Jerm Cohen Photography.
Give us a rundown of how Brian proposed. Was it a surprise?
"He planned the whole itinerary for us on Valentine's Day. We went to art galleries, the top of the Empire State Building, and a show before he surprised me at dinner at a hotel downtown. It was during dessert that he finally proposed. I was kind of anticipating it by the end of the day because he went all out with the activities!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Jerm Cohen Photography.
Why did you choose Storm King as the location of your engagement photos?
"When we were brainstorming prospective places for the photos, it was on the short list of options, along with Dia:Beacon and Boscobel. We ended up picking this space because it's like a country escape from NYC, just a short car ride away. We knew we could get some beautiful, yet playful, photos here."
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Photo: Courtesy of Jerm Cohen Photography.
What was the atmosphere you were going for in the photos?
"We loved the whole 'one with nature' vibe and wanted to show our interaction with the artwork around us."
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Photo: Courtesy of Jerm Cohen Photography.
Tanika's dress is lovely! Can you tell us more about it?
"The outfit is from Pencey Standard. They have a lot of comfy and easy styles that still look put-together. We had a beautiful landscape to compete with, so I decided to wear a dress with floral motifs that blended with the scenery."
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Photo: Courtesy of Jerm Cohen Photography.
What was the most surprising or funniest moment of the day?
"We were pleasantly surprised by how fun and silly we can be in front of professionals with a camera. We usually reserve that behavior for just the two of us, but our photographer Jerm was so great, he really provided us the space to let loose and really be ourselves."
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Photo: Courtesy of Jerm Cohen Photography.
Do you have any advice for couples who want to stage a special shoot without coming off cheesy?
"Find a photographer and location that truly speak to who you are as a couple. Don't try to mimic what other people have done. Be your authentic selves — and it will show. It should look like a unique celebration of your love, not a Sears catalog!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Jerm Cohen Photography.
Looking back at the results, would you have done anything differently?
"We would have preferred to do it on a warmer day — we took these pictures in late November, and it was freezing cold. But, we really wanted the autumn foliage, so the coats and gloves were not shown in the final shots. Definitely factor in the temperature when you do this!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Jerm Cohen Photography.
What are three words you would use to describe one another?
Tanika: "Patient, witty, and authentic."
Brian: "Confident, enthusiastic, and grounded."
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Photo: Courtesy of Jerm Cohen Photography.
Tanika is the owner and creative director of De.psy.n., while Brian works in finance.

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