5 Love Stories You’ve Never Heard Before

Created and produced by Annie Georgia Greenberg. Co-produced by Isabel Cafaro. Edited by Amanda Madden. Shot by Owen Levelle.
It's easy to roll your eyes at love stories. Especially during Valentine's Day week when you're inundated with saccharine accounts of forever-love, engagement posts on Facebook, and dozens of roses by the, well, dozens.  But, don't write off all love stories just yet. Cuz not all of them were created equal. The best stories are always the true ones. In our new series, Cupidity, we're bringing you totally-true, totally-awesome stories of gigantic love, heartbreaking loss, and the confusing, hilarious, cringe-worthy parts that happen in-between. Cupidity is that time you met your boyfriend's boyfriend. It's finding love online or from across the world. It's the sexual set-up you have with your best friend that absolutely no one else understands. This first season, Cupidity is about love across the boundaries of countries. It's about lust on the web and IRL. It's about saving yourself for your one-and-only soulmate. Best of all, it's launching this week. Tune in every day from Monday, February 9, through Friday, February 13, for Cupidity: true stories of love in all shapes, sizes, and screennames. 

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