Viewer Discretion: You’ll Love Cult Gaia Even More After Watching This

Yup, we've gulped down the Cult Gaia Kool-Aid. The line's whimsical, flirty headpieces are the ultimate carefree accessory (plus, they make our inner flower child insanely giddy). So, it's only natural that the L.A.-based brand has us swooning all over again with its new, black-and-white promo, titled "Relax Baby, Be Cool." The Michael Younesi-directed video features flower-crowned beauties exploring a DTLA alley, playfully peering into the lens as if to admire their reflections. Check it out for yourself to view the line’s latest designs (including playful twist scarves), but word to the wise — this clip will lock you into total devotee status.

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