Does The Shape Of A Crystal Really Matter?

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Shopping for healing crystals is overwhelming, to say the least. There are countless varieties of stones, each of which come with just as many spiritual meanings. Then you have consider where those crystals come from — and whether the people who mine them are being treated fairly.
It's only after you narrow down your options this much that you probably even consider the shape of your stone of choice. And, boy, does that open another can of (appealingly sparkly) worms. There are raw crystals, tumbled stones, pyramids, wands, spheres, and more. This much choice is enough to make you wonder, does it really matter what shape you choose?
According to Deborah Hanekamp, seeress, shaman, and founder of Mama Medicine, it can matter as much as you'd like it to, really. "I love stones in their natural form," she says. "The ones I find in rivers and on hikes are some of the most powerful ones I have." But, Hanekamp adds, certain shapes may offer the user specific benefits, based on the belief system known as sacred geometry, which ascribes spiritual significance to different shapes.
For example, if you're using your crystal with a very specific intention (maybe for a spell or a directed meditation), you might want to find it in the shape of a wand or a point. Hanekamp says both are associated with intentional thinking and clarity, so that you can enjoy your healing with minimal distractions.
Meanwhile, Hanekamp says, a crystal in its raw form may help you delve more deeply into your reflections. Since they likely haven't been altered much since they were found, raw stones are thought to maintain a close connection to the unknown and the Earth itself. Spheres and pyramids have even more specific forms of influence, Hanekamp says. Where the former represents wisdom, mystery, and unity, the latter is associated with concentration and focus.
To be clear, choosing a crystal in any of these shapes won't inhibit their properties. A shungite pyramid will still be protective and a rose quartz sphere will be just as heart-opening as any other piece of rose quartz. But, if you believe in sacred geometry, the shape you choose may have a subtle effect on how your crystal's energy is channeled. If you ask us, we'd like one of each, please.

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