5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 25 2011

If Crumbs plans to expand as much as they say they do, we have a feeling it's going to get a LOT harder to find hot people on the subway...(Observer)
Speaking of subways, apparently NY has the worst commute in the country. Shocker. (Gothamist)
Never fear uptown ladies, even though the Hermès flagship is closed for renovations, a temporary store is now open a block away...although with lines that bear more resemblance to the UGG store. How plebeian. (Madison Avenue Spy)
The trailer for the Bill Cunningham documentary is out and we can't wait to see the complete film. Maybe we'll pick up some tips on how to finally get snapped! (Zeitgeist Films)
The universe seems to be conspiring to make New Year's resolutions around the city fail: Zac Young of Flex Mussels (and Top Chef: Just Desserts) has opened Flex Donuts, a doughnut shop pop-up in Grand Central. (Grub Street)