5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 13 2012

The "fur hammock" now represents an apex in ridiculous store furnishings; Alexander Wang’s Grand Street store now displays a slightly less eccentric, though no less awesome, display of black latex pool toys—think lots of tentacles! (NY Racked)
Here are tidbits of life in Williamsburg 30-some-odd years ago... But how can they tell it’s the ‘90s? (Gothamist)
We are anticipating a pilgrimage of NYC-based photographers (both pro and amateur) to see this exhibition of Weegee works. The images of Naked City are still seared into our retinas, and we feel we should share the love! Go and see these iconic pics, starting January 20. (ICP)
A mural titled: "Untitled: (man with ring rides chariot pulled by snow leopard to save beautiful woman captured by unruly Chow Chow with pink lasers coming out of its eyes)" is causing some controversy, but apparently was part of a successful marriage proposal! Congratulations to the man who got a woman to agree to marry him after seeing this... uh, interesting...mural. (NY Curbed)

We loved Azalea Banks' single
for its filthy lyrics, catchy beats. Up next for the rising rap star: a shoot in V Magazine by Inez and Vinoodh! (Fashionista)


Photo: Via NY Curbed