A First Look Inside CR Fashion Book: Whose Funeral Is Carine Celebrating?

If fashion magazines were types of people, Carine Roitfeld's CR Fashion Book would be the kind of person to show up at a funeral wearing nothing but a sheer, fuchsia veil and three, leather-clad human accessories. The much-anticipated CR Fashion Book has been steadily building up buzz, and this is the first, fashion-styled image to come out from Carine's team (you can even see it in motion on CRFashionBook.com, though we're going to suggest Carine enlist the help of From Me To You for her next cinemagraph. Yikes.).
Shot by Sebastian Faena, styled by Carine Roitfeld, and featuring model Juliet Ingleby, the preview image prompts questions; specifically, if this is a "we're coming!" image, whose funeral did they just attend? Considering Carine's messy history with the establishment, we can think of a few people (and one magazine in particular) she'd like to eternally say goodbye to. Between rumors of Kate Upton gracing the cover to Condé Nast allegedly banning contracted and non-contracted photographers from working with Carine on her new magazine, the realization of CR Fashion Book has been a fabulously tumultuous one. With the magazine launch still a month and a half away (September 13, to be exact), we're looking forward to seeing how much drama can unfold until then. (WWD)

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