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Drift Off To The Best Sleep Of Your Life With Cozy Earth — I Know I Did

Yawn! Welcome to Sleep Week, a seven-day stretch where we source you the best buys in the Zzz-catching business—from editor-vetted bedtime rituals to exclusive mattress deals and more of the internet’s most slumber-worthy scores. Go ahead, hit snooze with us.
Allow us to open the gateway to luxury sleeping by introducing you to one of our favorite sleep brands: Cozy Earth. The lavish brand offers everything from elevated matching pajamas to super-soft bedding to chic, minimalistic loungewear. If you're ready to seriously up your sleeping game and dive into the world of luxury, then buckle your seat belts and get ready for the best sleep of your life. After all, a good night's rest is well worth the investment — and Cozy Earth's products might just be the easiest way to kickstart your journey to better sleep
Of course, it's easy to question whether or not investing in admittedly pricey pajamas and bedding is worth it. For the skeptics, I'm here to declare that it 100% is. Not only are Cozy Earth's products high-quality, they're made from sustainably-sourced materials like bamboo that'll last you for years. Even Oprah has her own list of favorites from Cozy Earth. And while I won't claim to even be worthy of breathing the same air as Oprah, at least our shared love of the Cozy Earth line means I have something in common with the inimitable Ms. Winfrey. Did I mention that Cozy Earth is currently having its biggest semi-annual sale of the year, with 25 to 30% off site-wide? Read on for my Cozy Earth review and find out why this is one bedroom splurge you definitely shouldn't sleep on.
Cozy Earth introduced me to my first set of matching sleepwear, and I've never been the same since. If you want to feel like you're at a lavish spa, wearing the soft luxe attire they give you to change into, then you'll want to invest in Cozy Earth's Custom Bamboo Pajama Set.
The long sleeve top and pants are made of 95% premium viscose crafted from bamboo, which means they're durable and resistant to pilling, no matter how often you wear and wash them; the set also maintains its signature stretchiness over time. For hot sleepers, the bamboo-based viscose stretch-knit material has temperature-regulating characteristics, so it's breathable, and you won't have to worry about overheating. Meanwhile, the 5% spandex in the fabric delivers an effortless draping silhouette and gives a bit of weight for a cozy, snug feel.
In terms of how the pajamas look, the stylish piping throughout the collar, cuff, and hem of the pants add an elegant touch. I only have the ivory co-ords, but the other pigmented shades, like black and navy, have more noticeable piping. In addition to the brand's five original hues, two more have been released more recently: a powdery sky blue and delicate lilac. Also, while I adore a matching set, Cozy Earth also allows you to mix and match hues for the top and bottom, so go ahead and live out your wildest color dreams.

Cozy Earth Comforters, $729 $546.75

Before my partner and I got our Cozy Earth Comforter, we relied on a goose down model. Unfortunately, the duvet cover didn't close properly, so my fiancé and I were perpetually finding feathers littering the floor. Thankfully, we no longer have that issue because our new comforter from Cozy Earth is stuffed with silk, not feathers, giving it lightweight yet cozy comfort (minus the shedding). In fact, the luxury bedding and clothing brand allows you to customize your comforters: you can choose between standard or extra levels of filling; opt for silk or bamboo for the filling itself; and select from twin, full/queen, and king sizes.
The major difference between the silk and bamboo filling is that the former (made from 100% mulberry silk) has a little more heft to it, is moisture-wicking, and features heat-insulating properties. I imagine the experience is akin to the wonders of owning a weighted blanket because I've never fallen asleep faster or slept better in my life than I have since using this comforter. It's designed for cold sleepers who like to stay warm, and as a cold sleeper myself, I wholeheartedly approve.
One thing that surprised me was how thin the comforter was compared to the picture. The product image gave off the impression that it would be extra plushy like my goose-down one; in fact, it was much thinner but still amply warm. Notably, I find it a whole lot easier to slide into my duvet cover than my goose-down comforter, which I had to spend a significant amount of time kneading to keep it flat.
In addition to the silk filling, Cozy Earth also offers one made of 100% bamboo viscose. If you're more of a hot sleeper, this model is ideal, as it's much airier and more lightweight than your average comforter.
I won't go too far into explaining Cozy Earth's Bamboo Duvet Cover, but you can think of it as the aforementioned comforters' lightweight jacket. It's a glossy, silky-smooth layer that keeps in warmth while remaining cool to the touch. Although you don't have to buy both the comforter and duvet, I have the magical combo, and it truly does make it feel like I'm drifting off under a cozy cloud night after night.
If you're ready to level up your pajamas and bedding, head over to Cozy Earth and save up to 30% site-wide during the brand's semi-annual sale. Sweet dreams!
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