Courtney Love’s Insane Closet, And “Really Nice” Nicole Richie Dress

Puffing a cig and speaking candidly, Courtney Love allowed Scott Lipps into her closet for a tour of what can only be described as a museum dedicated to fashion of the 20th Century and beyond. While Courtney shows off tons of ornate '20s frocks, she also dazzled Lipps (and us) with her Einstein-like dissertation on her one-of-a-kind pieces. Pulling out dress after dress covered in trimming after trimming (after trimming), Love slightly befuddled, but mostly amazed us with both vintage finds and pieces she's made herself. But don't get a girl wrong: It's not all drop waists and piano-shall dresses (oh, yes, she's got one). Love also loooves a great school outfit. Not school girl, Britney Spears. School, a la utilitarian blouses and jumpers. From one extreme to the next, the item that most surprised us in Courtney's closet was not anything from the 1800's, but rather a red, vine-printed Nicole Richie dress that Courtney pulled out for the camera saying it's "really nice." And we concur. It's, like, really pretty — and in keeping with Courtney's style — possesses a vintage vibe, as well. Check the rest of the fabulous madness that is Courtney's closet, which, for the record, we'd Love to tour. (Stylelist)

Photo: Via Stylelist

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