Shocker: Courtney Love May Be The World's Worst Boss

If you apply to work for Courtney Love, you'd better be prepared for some next-level looney tunes! The gloriously batsh*t babe flashed David Letterman (amongst throngs of others), admittedly hoards leather gloves, and perhaps craziest of all — one of her goals is to win an Oscar before the end of 2013 (pretty lofty considering she isn't currently cast in any flicks!). What we're trying to say is: Love is Love, and if you sign up to be her assistant, don't be surprised if a few oddball requests land on your desk.
Honestly, it was only a matter of time before one of the singer's former employees started suing the pants off of the unpredictable star. According to E! Online, former Love assistant Jessica LaBrie revealed that her boss would withhold paychecks because she wouldn't hire a hacker to forge legal docs. And, on top of these claims, LaBrie apparently worked close to 60 hours each week without a dime of overtime.
Despite everything, we're of course taking these accusations with a grain of salt. It's not to say that we don't feel for LaBrie, but don't you find it a bit suspicious that she's also in the process of penning a tell-all book tentatively entitled Get Me A Xanax? Working in Tinseltown, tall tales about bosses going ballistic are more common than parking tickets, but something smells fishy about all of this. Do you believe the charges, or are you in the camp that thinks this staffer is cashing in on Love's crazy? (E!)
Photo: Via E!

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