Picture This: Courtney Love Shares Her Passion For Selfies

“Repurposed Edwardian, Victorian with an edge” seemed to work well in Contributor magazine’s photo spread of Courtney Love’s latest sartorial venture – her own fashion line, Never The Bride. Despite her status as the world’s worst boss, Courtney surprised impressed us with her ability to combine punk rock and girly personalities into a single collection.
Recently, however, the unpredictable songstress threw the world yet another curveball, sharing a series of low quality Instagram shots of herself dressed in her collection. We love a good selfie, but we have to say these pics are mediocre-to-very-mediocre. Here's to hoping Ms. Love will shock us – in a good way – with her next move. We are still fans of the grunge-chic aesthetic, after all!
Photo via Daily Mail

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