These Gross Grooming Habits Are Signs Of True Love

When you’re first seeing someone who gives you the feels — your heart still speeds up before he or she comes over, you can't seem to finish a meal when you're out on a date — you may go out of your way to avoid doing certain things in front of this potential long-term mate. Maybe you make an excuse to go home rather than risk stinking up your love interest’s bathroom. Perhaps you hide your habit of squeezing out your ingrown hairs. Or you have to try extra hard to stop yourself from picking spinach out of your new beau's teeth.
This brings to mind a certain Sex and the City moment involving Mr. Big and a rogue fart. I used to think Carrie’s insanely embarrassed reaction after letting one go in front of her boyfriend was a little over-the-top (though that was kind of her thing, right?). It's only natural. I thought. I've done a lot grosser things in front of a BF before. Why did she care so much? But perhaps Big and Carrie had just not gotten comfortable yet.
Though I still can't quite picture Carrie popping a Big pimple (maybe in SATC 3?), if those two are like most couples, those boundaries will undoubtedly break down — and it's a slippery slope. A relationship can quickly move from the couple not doing “gross” things in front of each other to doing said gross things to each other. It all depends on the people, of course, but popping a zit here, plucking a hair there, or clipping a toenail or two, is all fair game for couples (and friends) who feel super-comfy with each other.
I couldn't help but wonder, though... Just how far does this intimacy go behind closed bathroom doors? Awkward fart moments aside, I decided to poll some of my peers (all anonymously, of course) and find out about their partner-on-partner grooming habits.
Read on for 10 amazingly intimate moments, and decide for yourself how close is too close.

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