How To Go On Vacation Without Breaking Up

It’s not that you don’t find every little thing about your partner endearing and adorable; it’s just that it would have been really, really nice if that map could have been consulted three hours ago. Traveling together is one of the great joys of couplehood, but it can also be a little fraught. Do you know, for example, whether or not your beloved is morally opposed to guidebooks? (You’re about to find out!) Does your partner know that you refuse to leave home without three different pairs of shoes? (Surprise!) Issues that have never popped up in your daily routine can surface on the road, and when you’re jet-lagged / out of your element / every restaurant within six miles is secretly closed on Sundays, it’s easy for minor snags to spiral into major problems.
But, while you may not be able to avoid all forms of turbulence during your trip, you can minimize the emotional kind. Ahead, 10 tips to get you and your partner — as well as your relationship — through vacation intact.

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