Here’s How Coffee Could Be The Secret To A Better Night’s Sleep

For a regular coffee drinker, that morning cup is everything. But, what if you could start and end your day with the delicious ritual? Well, a recently launched coffee brand wants to make that a reality.
According to, Counting Sheep Coffee first appeared in Bed Bath & Beyond stores in 2013, but is only now capturing the Internet's attention. The decaffeinated coffee comes in two varieties: the milder "40 Winks" and the stronger "Lights Out!" Both contain organic valerian root, traditionally used as a natural sedative, to replace the energizing effects of caffeine with something a little more soothing.
Although the actual science out there investigating valerian as a sleep aid is inconclusive, it is considered to be "generally safe." There are possible side effects (such as dizziness), though, and dosing can be unclear, so check in with your doctor if you're unsure about it.
Since it's sold as a dietary supplement rather than a pharmaceutical drug, valerian doesn't have to go through the same FDA hoops in order to be sold in the U.S. But, Counting Sheep is marketed as a food product — not specifically as a sleep aid or to treat any sort of sleep disorder.
Still, we're big fans of coffee and sleep here at R29. So, being able to get our latte fix even after a late shift sounds like a dream come true.

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