Cotton Subsidies: T-Shirts to Support Your Candidate

Campaign finance laws decree that you may only give $2,300 to any given candidate, and even at that you may not have the funds to make donations to your favorite possible President candidate since this financial collapse. Still, it's always fun to have something to look forward to, theoretically. Looking for that silver lining in the Republican bid for the White House, Complex has created a tongue-in-cheek line of McCain shirts for clueless Republicans and ironic hipsters alike (above, left). (Un)fortunately for us, the collection will only remain in the virtual state. Now if you want to get around those tricky finance laws and walk away with some quality cotton, Obama's trusty camp has pulled through, bringing us some hip Ts and totes from designers like Tory Burch, Maria Cornejo (above, left), Rag& Bone (below, right), Alexander Wang (below, center), Marc Jacobs (below, left), and Zac Posen. Hey, with the dow down 603 points at close, pretty soon all of us may be asking for "change."
To visit the Obama store and purchase goods, go to

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