Is Hating Your Job Costing You Money?

Let’s face it — not all of us are at our dream jobs. If you have landed your ideal gig by now, chances are it took some hustling to get there. Every young, working professional will at some point have a job that flat-out sucks. Though the psychological effects of being unhappy at work go without saying, this career funk could also have a negative impact on your finances.
When you’re passed up for that promotion, jerked around by a client, or thrown under the bus by a coworker, it’s tempting to let those frustrations influence your spending habits. Whether it’s buying a few rounds at happy hour or booking a last-minute getaway — there are ways you could be spending the stress away without ever realizing it. To put it all into perspective, we spoke to a few career and money experts about how working at a job you hate could be costing you big bucks — and how to stop it.

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