5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 21 2013

Word just dropped that Cosmopolitan mag is going to be involved with CBS' upcoming reality show, in which contestants compete for covetable jobs. We can't say we're that surprised, since still-new EIC Joanna Coles recently fired a huge chunk of the mag's staff. (Styleite)
Admit it: You've caught yourself staring into building reflections, checking yourself out. And now, your fellow New Yorkers have been caught too. Are you one of them? (The New York Times)
Are you less than average in the cooking department, but way above average in the cash flow department? Then we've got just the class for you — David Bouley Test Kitchen is offering up romantic (and pricey) cooking lessons for couples, just in time for V-Day. Just call 212-964-2525 to register, and don't forget your plastic. (David Bouley)
Personal trainers are all great, but sometimes the hardest part about hitting the gym is leaving the house. Now, thanks to the new online-only fitness website GymRa, you can get a personalized workout from the privacy of your apartment. (GymRa)
Does your man need a little leg up when it comes to style inspiration? Join the club. And then, send him over to this new destination for all things lifestyle, from hot products to tips on accessorizing. (Men In Cities)

Photo: Via Styleite