This Game-Changing Pillow Perfectly Adjusts To However You Sleep

Off the bat: When I say that Coop Home has made the first-ever pillow that perfectly adjusts to your specific sleeping needs, I mean that you have to literally adjust the pillow yourself by removing or filling as much fluff as you require. In other words, what you're about to read is a pillow that works within a DIY spirit — but it's a pillow that can help banish neck pain if you put in the time and effort into finding your ideal plushness. (For me, it took a few days to figure this out.) Once you land on that sweet spot where your neck, head, and spine are all in alignment, the Coop Home pillow can be a real game-changer. And, best of all, the power is all in your hands, no exaggeration.
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To start, all of Coop Home’s products are made to mold to your own body and sleep position. From its Exhale All-Season Adjustable Comforter to the Sanctuary Pet Bed with the adjustable pillow top, each product is packaged and designed for sleepers of all speicies to reconfigure how firm or soft, or how flat or stuffed, they'd like their bedding products to be. It's actually a novel concept when you think about it, considering that bedding products and pillows generally come however they are and there's nothing that a buyer can do about it after using it. But as Coop Home states on its website, "one-size-fits-all sleep products can lead to aches, grogginess, grumpiness, and poor sleep overall," which may clue into why all of the brand's lineup of expensive, but adjustable pillows have such high ratings.
I myself gave The Original pillow a test run, which consists of a zip-up pillowcase inside of another thinner zip-up pillowcase that is filled with what the brand describes as a "revolutionary blend of memory foam and microfiber" in hypoallergenic materials. The "blend," I have to admit is a bit chaotic to work with — as seen in the photos, it's essentially memory foam that's been chopped up into thousands of micro pieces and swirled around with feathery microfiber. Don't get me wrong, the consistency is really pleasant to touch and squeeze (it kind of separates and pulls apart slowly, sort of like a gooey mozzarella stick). But, the memory foam pieces will scatter all over the place if you're not paying attention. I suggest finding a spot in your home, not near a window or a wind source, and not on the ground, to do your pillow adjustments as neatly as possible. (Even though I felt I thoroughly cleaned afterward, I still found surprise bits of memory foam around my bedding all week.)
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The Original pillow currently has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating and a whopping 15,022 reviews. The reviews, all overwhelmingly positive, range from "This pillow has changed my sleeping experience" to "You can adjust the firmness (we added more) to your liking. Sleeping so soundly with these!!!!" And the way you adjust the pillow is by literally unzipping the pillowcases and removing or adding filling as needed. (Each pillow comes with an extra 1/2 pound of the memory foam-microfiber blend.) Over the course of a few nights, I went from using 100% of the stuffing to about 70% in my pillow. (And I used the remaining fill to plump up my couch throw pillows!) When you have the ability to adjust a pillow to your exact preference, it's hard to say anything negative about it. For me, my slumbers since have been very pleasant, especially for the mix of supine and side sleeping I tend to do. The only downside is that I don't really have a big enough pillowcase to fully contain my happily bloated Coop Home pillow. It's fine though, I'll manage.
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While I only have The Original to speak on, Coop Home also offers The Original Body Pillow, an $80 elongated body pillow, filled with that same cross-cut memory foam and microfiber blend, specially made for side sleepers to keep the hips, legs, and spine aligned. This body pillow has a 4.9-star rating and 1,588 reviews, with one refreshed sleeper writing, "I thought these pillows were too expensive but decided to try them anyway. After the first night, I noticed that my neck felt much better and the following nights were even better my hands weren't tingling anymore from the nerves in my neck. While I still think the pillows are expensive they are well worth it."
Then there's also The Eden pillow at $96, made with a blend of cooling gel-infused memory foam and microfiber and designed for hot sleepers. The Eden also has a 4.9-star rating and 2,875 reviews, with one reviewer clarifying, "It's comfortable, doesn't lose its shape, and doesn't get super hot. I will say that it's not cooling, but it cools down quickly. Should last a long time, especially with the extra stuffing that comes along with it."
And if your pillow game is already in top form, consider some of Coop Home's other bedding products — all of which are ready to support your body however you need it to be.
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