What Happened When 10 People Came Out To Their Moms

I came out as bisexual when I moved to New York City right after college. I also identify as queer, but when I told my mom about my orientation, I simply explained that I date women, too. In my teens and in college, I always had boyfriends. But by the time my mom came to visit me in NYC, I was seeing a woman who I had met online, so I figured I should tell her. I dished over drinks, and she was super cool about it and didn't seem surprised. I think she said something like, "That's great! Women are wonderful."
I'm lucky, though. Not everyone's mother is supportive and understanding when their child comes out. Some people have moms who choose to ignore the reality and stomp on it, hoping it will go away. But, even if a parent isn't 100% supportive, there are definitely nuances to everyone's coming out experience — each story and situation is unique. So, we asked people of all ages, orientations, and genders to share what happened when they came out to their mothers. You may want to grab some tissues.
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