Mood-Ring Shopping: 30 Colorful Buys To Set The Tone At Home

What's your mood? It may seem hard to believe, but it wasn’t that long ago that we put aside our Tamagotchi Pets and Beanie Babies to slip on a novelty ring and find out. Born in the '70s, but alive well into the '90s, mood rings were a fad for obvious reasons. Sometimes, the ring surprised you: “I didn’t know I was filled with a fiery passion!” you’d say. Other times, it was spot-on: “I knew I was feeling especially creative today,” you’d admit. The ring knew all. And while we would never try to replace the mystical powers of the mood ring, we have found that shopping for the latest home decor can also determine a lot about how we’re feeling. After all, the meaning of color has been examined by everyone from psychologists to interior designers.

Perhaps the vibrant green of Dusen Dusen’s terry cloth towel is catching your eye on the coming slides? If so, it means you're feeling cool as a cucumber, unfazed by stress. Or, perhaps the bold red of The Citizenry’s Kedo Rug is hitting a chord; then, you're probably feeling romantic and excited.

Click through these slides to find out what color is calling your name and discover your true mood — a rad new apartment refresh is just an added bonus.

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