50 Shades Of Rainbow Hair

Even your mother (wait — especially your mother…weird) knows that Fifty Shades of Grey’s much-anticipated theater debut is in February, featuring a (hopefully) nearly naked Jamie Dornan as its brooding, seductive, and sexually dominant leading man. The film is meant to be every vanilla girl’s fulfillment of wild, bondage fantasies — a forbidden dream come to life on the big screen.
It is, admittedly, difficult to draw any sort of comparison between BDSM and the beauty world. But, you could argue that dying your hair a shade of uncompromising fuchsia is its own special sort of fantasy fulfillment. Who didn’t dream of My Little Pony hair when they were younger? Who doesn’t dream of it still, but then insist it would be “impractical” or “unprofessional?”
Rainbow strands are enjoying a resurgence, thanks to look-at-me street style trends and stars like Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, and Demi Lovato. But, we like to think the zeitgeist’s current penchant for bold color has more to do with a refreshing, IDGAF attitude about beauty and style in general. In celebration of that, we recruited three colorists — Daniel Moon of the Andy Lecompte Salon, Aura Friedman of Sally Hershberger Downtown, and Roxie Darling of Hairstory — to help us curate a list of (you guessed it!) 50 examples of uncompromisingly awesome hues.
Enjoy the eye candy, and maybe print out a couple pictures to take to the salon with you. Isn’t time you started having a little more fun with your damn beauty routine?

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