We Put Color Wow's First Curly Hair Product To The Test — & Here's What Happened

Products for curly hair have never had as much space on store shelves as they do right now — and we're rejoicing. The shift can be seen in both mass market retailers, which are adding more natural and curly options, as well as prestige brands expanding to suit more textures. But that's not all: It's also brought more attention to different curl types. But with a great shift comes great responsibility, so we're (happily) volunteering as tribute to try as many of these new products as we can.
Color Wow, a trusted brand for color-treated hair, has joined the curly hair movement by launching its first curl-focused product: The Dream Coat For Curly Hair. The alcohol-free spray promises frizz-free, heat-free, alcohol-free, and crunch-free (yes, all of that) styling as a "one and done solution."
We asked staff members with different curly hair goals to give their unfiltered opinions on whether this product actually delivers on its promises. Their thoughts, ahead.
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Elena Nicolaou, Entertainment Writer

Curl Type: 3B
Goals: Less frizz, more volume and bounce

"It definitely added an extra, noticeable bounce to my curls. After using the Color Wow Dream Coat, my curls were glossier and more defined, and, most wonderfully, seemingly immune to frizz. However, my hair is way too thick and curly for this to be the only product I use — it didn't give me the moisture my hair needs — which is totally fine, because few single products can! I used the product in tandem with my leave-in conditioner and styling gel. I'm absolutely going to incorporate this product into my daily styling line-up."
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Khalea Underwood, Beauty Writer

Curl Type: 4C
Goals: Hydration, definition, and elongation

"I’ve gotta be honest, I wasn’t really wowed by the Dream Coat. While it promised to define my curls, add shine, and moisturize, the formula sort of sat on top of my 4c coils. I was hoping that it’d work with my cream-based styler that I use in tandem with my conditioner for cowashing, but honestly, I could have done without the spray. On the upside, I have a good hand-me-down for my friends with looser waves."
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Morgan Baila, Associate Entertainment Editor

Curl Type: 3A, color treated
Goals: Volume with less frizz

"After wringing out my wet hair, I spritzed on the product and let my hair air-dry (as instructed). I like that it promises a lighter touch, which is exactly what it delivered. It felt really light and it's liquid, which is good for my drier ends. I liked how my hair dried the day of, but it did nothing for my second day curls. I'd categorize this under: Days when I really want my curls to look nice and bouncy, knowing that I will have to do some extensive sprucing up the next morning."
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Thatiana Diaz, Beauty Writer

Curl Type: 2C
Goals: Defintion, less frizz, and a soft texture

"When I read that this product promises 'bouncy, soft, frizz-free curls of your dreams,' I was immediately intrigued. Frizz-free? Yes. Soft? Yes x2. I have thick hair so I had to really get in there when spraying on the product. After letting it air-dry, I came to the conclusion that it didn't give my curls the ideal definition, but they were definitely soft and frizz-free. I decided to give it another try but combined it with another one of my curl definition products, and it worked wonders. I was shook. Think of it as the mixer you never knew you needed to get that perfect cocktail. I'll be adding this on as a primer to my curly hair routine from now on."

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