Color-Changing Makeup Has Got Us Like Whoa

Anyone who has ever been fascinated by the mercurial hues of oil swirling in a puddle, or mesmerized by a mood ring, knows the power of color-shifting. Shades that seem to change based on the way the light hits them are, predictably, a total makeup slam dunk. Eyeshadows, nail polishes, and even lipsticks are incorporating duo-chrome pigments into their formulations, and the results are some of the coolest colors this side of the Northern Lights.
So what is duo-chrome? In the makeup world, it refers to products that appear to change color when viewed from different angles. The products do not, in fact, change color — they just look like different shades or layered hues depending on where the light hits.
Sound cool? It is. As a self-proclaimed lazy girl, I love anything that makes it look like I put more effort into my look than I actually did. And after extensive road-testing, I've found that duo-chrome is legitimately the easiest and fastest way to make your eyes (and lips, and nails) look rad AF.
Ahead, I've rounded up some of my fave color-shifting makeup picks. Each one is a guaranteed swipe-and-go situation. No brushes, no blotting, no smudging, no complicated crap. Get on it.

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