A Meme For Every College Mood This Back-To-School Season

Photographed by Francena Ottley.
A Pulp Fiction poster displays proudly above a twin XL bed, despite its owner never having seen the film. A handle of vodka sits on a dorm-room desk, ready to be shoved in a drawer upon the entrance of the RA. College life is kind of the perfect content mill when it comes to meme generation. And luckily for the internet, back-to-school season is once again upon us.
Ahead, our favorite memes that really embody the realities of dorm habitation, sorority relationships, and, of course, that all-you-can-eat life.
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Why can't we just cut to the syllabus and skip introductions?
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There's definitely a dip on the giving-a-f*ck scale between freshman and senior year.
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We know and love them.
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We feel seen.
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College is about finding yourself, dude.
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If you are an incoming freshman at a northeastern liberal arts college, you might want to stock up on some black eyeliner, tiny sunglasses, and big pants.
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TFW you don't have any pregaming surfaces other than your dorm-room desk.
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Because apparently dorm-room interior designers are a legit thing.
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Dorm life = lots of good eavesdropping.
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Raise your hand if you have done this and felt this exact way afterward.
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Your big might leave surprise candy on your bed, but don't forget your day ones.
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First and foremost, Pulp Fiction's biggest claim to fame is that it is one of the most classic college dorm-room-poster movies of all time.
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We thought we left behind icebreakers at theater camp.
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Those ketchup packets are clutch.

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