Collaboration Alert! Artisanal Perfume Brand Le Labo Teams Up With Anthropologie

A great brand collaboration is like having an iconic celeb guest star on the best show on TV (choose your own adventure here, we won't judge). So get revved up over the latest meeting of the minds: boutique fragrance house Le Labo's exclusive collection for Anthropologie. Sparked by the era of artisanal, small-batch perfumery, Le Labo chose amber-colored replicas of an 18th century poison bottle to house their five new scents, adorning them with vintage-style stamps that graphically add to each perfume's transportive experience. Chant de Bois is woodsy with citrus tones, Belle Du Soir is musky and floral, Orange Discrete is a smooth citrus, Poudre D'Orient is a mix of sultry spice and powder, and Bouquet Blanc is a deep floral. Also part of the collection, travel-friendly solid perfumes in sliding metal tins modeled after turn-of-the-century measuring weights and candles in amber-colored votives. This is definitely a partnership we can get behind.
Price: Eau De Parfum by the Creators of Le Labo, $62, available at Anthropologie; Eau De Parfum Solid by the Creators of Le Labo, $28, available at Anthropologie; Candle by the Creators of Le Labo, $32, available at Anthropologie.

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