10 Thoroughly Warming Gifts For The Friend Who Hates Winter

In spite of all the assorted New Normals embedded in this particular holiday season, rest assured that your winter-loathing friends will still complain about the season as much as any other year. February sucked, even back in 2019.
Yes, with temperatures continuing to drop and the sun continuing to make a prompt exit at 4pm, you can be sure to delight in the ever-present echoes of "I'm cold" from your pod. And you likely won't stop clocking complaints re: anti-winter sentiment until March rolls around and puffer coat weather begins to dissipate.
So, in the spirit of quelling the arsenal of grievances you'll surely endure in the coming months, we've culled together a guide to the absolute best gifts and goodies for your pal who "hates the winter" as a personality trait. From CBD gift sets and orange wine subscriptions, to chic, soothing candles and recycled sweatpants, these products will bring some much-needed warmth to your cold-fingered friend.

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