This Skin Trick Feels Crazy-Amazing — & It Works!

ILLUSTRATED BY Elliot Salazar.
Last week the FDA announced that cult beauty treatment cryotherapy had not, as many assumed, been deemed safe or effective by the organization. Furthermore, while it's certainly "cool" (the FDA's joke, not ours), it actually poses serious health risks, asphyxiation among them. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw the baby out with the ice-cold bathwater.
While the merit of spending time in what is, essentially, a walk-in freezer is being called into question, adding a little chill to your beauty routine is actually an incredibly beneficial way to reduce puffiness, calm irritated skin, and increase the efficacy of your products. Plus, it just feels so damn good during a summer heat wave or the morning after a night of little sleep and too many adult beverages.
The best part? It's really simple to incorporate this tried-and-true anti-inflammatory technique into your routine. According to renowned aesthetician Joanna Czech, DIY "cold therapy" goes much deeper than just icing a blemish or applying a cold spoon to puffy eyes — it can deliver a serious anti-aging boost, too. Czech is a La Mer global skin-care advisor who has looked after the complexions of Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, and Uma Thurman, so naturally, we're inclined to take her advice as gospel.
Ahead, Czech walks us through an easy at-home facial technique that will de-puff and calm skin wherever you are. Chill vibes ahead.

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