25 Insanely Cute Cafés We Could Totally Live In

A cozy café is pretty much the ultimate happy place. Whether you're people-watching, catching up with friends, or bent over your laptop dutifully avoiding the cost of shared office space in NYC, the aroma of roasting beans is one hell of a mood enhancer. Plus, latte art is Instagram gold (which is more valuable than real gold these days).

With such an emphasis on creating a cohesive and welcoming atmosphere, it's no surprise that many cafés and coffee houses seriously deliver in the decor department. We've compiled 25 international hot spots with essential design takeaways. Click through for a (decaffeinated) dose of interiors envy.
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Photo: Via @rhymeswithcoffee
Colaj Café, Brasov, Romania
Got any unfinished cabinet doors lying around? Paint them in a variety of bright hues. They'll make an intriguing base for your kitchen counter.
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Photo: Via @hang_bowei.
Anchored Ship Coffee Bar, Seattle, WA
The muted-yet-tasteful decor of this popular coffee joint proves that aged wood cabinets are perfect just the way they are. Accessorizing with a brass pitcher or two doesn't hurt, either.
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Photo: Via @annaorchestra.
Café Regular Du Nord, Brooklyn, NY
If this gorgeous James Ensor-esque mural and an artfully distressed ceiling don't inspire you to savor a novel while sipping espresso, nothing will.
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Photo: Via @foodandtravelhk.
Woo, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Café or flower shop? Woo looks to be a little bit of both, and that's alright by us.
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Photo: Via @fannyb.
The Broken Arm, Paris, France
A distinctly Scandinavian aesthetic infuses this Parisian spot, to winning effect.
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Photo: Via @maryoumalansari.
Arabian Tea House Café, Bastakiya, Dubai
White and cerulean pop in tandem in this delightful outdoor café.
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Photo: Via @krgorny.
Zmianatematu, Łódź, Poland
Waves of plywood boards serve as a cool design detail, while providing plenty of shelving space for spirits as well.
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Photo: Via @loyun302.
The Hardware Société, Melbourne, Australia
Adding a bulb guard that mimics the curved backs of your chairs — so simple, yet so chic.
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Photo: Via @flyingpadre.
Yumchaa, London, England
A painted tree branch is a super nifty way to dress up your space — and, again with the bulb guards!
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Photo: Via @cerealmag.
Atelier September, Copenhagen, Denmark
File under: ceiling #goals.
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Photo: Via @thatsquitenice.
Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, San Francisco, CA
Sometimes, patterned wallpaper is all you need to create serious impact.
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Photo: Via @marcus_cyrus_teo.
Lof10, Hong Kong, China
Stack up fruit crates for a makeshift coffee table with a minimalist twist.
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Photo: Via @woojungyeon.
Café Dodo, Seoul, Korea
Behold the power of mixing and matching your favorite vintage finds.
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Photo: Via @rururuby_zhang.
Café Majestic, Porto, Portugal
We're feeling fancy from just looking at these plaster ceilings and ornate Flemish mirrors.
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Photo: Via @akidanuar.
Jibby & Co., Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Steel supports and a monotone scheme keep this coffee joint from looking like a greenhouse.
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Photo: Via @theretailjourney.
The Minister, Auckland, New Zealand
The yellow wall and mounted seating offset the minimal decor quite nicely.
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Photo: Via @kyokotiara.
Fleur Universelle, Tokyo, Japan
Nothing says "stay awhile" quite like tricked-out-treehouse vibes.
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Photo: Via @mercishopparis.
Merci, Paris, France
A café that channels a Parisian bibliotheque is worth its weight in gold — or, rather, its weight in Instagram likes?
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Photo: Via @adlib1102.
Clocktower Coffee House, Yünlin, Taiwan
Bright patio furniture adds a contemporary touch to this traditional Chinese backyard.
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Photo: Via @henrikvibskov.
Den Plettede Gris, Copenhagen, Denmark
Designer Henrik Vibskov's talents are not limited to just fashion or art installations. Case in point: the unique, hand-loom-inspired interior of his concept coffee bar.
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Photo: Via @masalin_pang.
Chivit Thamma Da, Chiang Rai, Thailand
This charming coffee joint also doubles as a day spa. Seriously, we need those wrought-iron garden chairs — and an appointment here, please.
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Photo: Via @telerouge.
Bird, Osaka, Japan
The couple behind Truck furniture have crafted a space that expertly mixes a variety of wood finishes for a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.
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Photo: Via @elieyobeid.
Café Craft, Paris, France
The metal-grid wall rack is a handy storage solution that conveniently picks up the graphic '80s punch of the black-and-white, tiled floor.
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Photo: Via @ann89le.
Market Lane Coffee, Melbourne, Australia
Concrete flooring CAN be inviting — just add subway tile, vintage pendant lighting, and trailing vines.
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Photo: Via @guidedbycereal.
Wright Bros. Brew & Brew, Austin, Texas
Quirky light fixtures balance out the industrial vibe of exposed metal ducts.

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