This Bestselling Super-Chill Mattress Is On Super Sale This Week

When it’s time to invest in a new mattress, we flip through online reviews like detectives rummaging through file cabinets and spend way too long wondering what “new-wave comfort technology” really means. Why? Because our precious spines and much-needed beauty rests are on the line. Thankfully, that (ironically) exhausting search can come to a close because Sealy’s bestselling and R29-Shopping-team-approved Cocoon Chill mattresses are 35% off this week.  
Calling all sweaty-sleepers: this super chill winter sale is not one to miss. For the next two days, you can snag a $1,080 Chill Memory Foam mattress for only $699. Or, for those looking for a little extra back support, Sealy’s responsive Chill Hybrid mattress is also up for grabs with up to $799 in savings. Either way, both mattresses come with two complimentary pillows and one sheet set to sweeten the deal.
According to the R29 Shopping team’s lifestyle writer Cortne Bonilla, the Chill Memory Foam mattress’s heat-dissipating stretch-knit cover was actually “ to the touch and kept [her] sheets crisp and chilly” — just as advertised. Feel free to hop on over to Sealy’s site right now to score some major discounts or get the full scoop from Cortne’s review of this bestselling bed below:
“When this mattress arrived perfectly rolled into a neat tube, I couldn’t believe there was actually a full queen-sized mattress within the box. My boyfriend and I had just moved into a new loft in Brooklyn, and we, unfortunately, dragged our old memory foam with us. We knew it was time to make that big-ticket, adult-y purchase on a new mattress, but we really wanted one with some special features. That’s when we came across the Cocoon Chill.
“We both like to sleep on our sides and are quite hot-blooded individuals (often leaving the A/C running throughout winter). We agreed on one thing and one thing only: the mattress had to have some sort of cooling effect.
“After we settled onto the new mattress a strange phenomenon occurred: we both fell asleep and took a nap. Now, neither of us nap — we’re too quick, perky, and neurotic for that, but this Cocoon mattress really brought its name to life with its snuggly embrace. After sleeping on it for several nights we were both having trouble actually getting up the next day — it was that cozy. The premium stretch-knit cover, which is infused with phase-change materials that absorb and dissipate heat, was cool to the touch and kept our sheets crisp and chilly. Neither of us woke up drenched in sweat, and we haven’t since.
“The Perfect Fit memory foam is truly game-changing; morphing around your body like a clay mold. The only downside? The mattress is quite heavy for my feather arms, but it's something we’re willing to overlook for the sake of deep slumbers and supported backs.”
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