Designer Bikes: Coach Takes It To The Streets On Two (Chic) Wheels

A bicycle built for two is nice, but a chic bike built by Coach is nicer. And the proof is in the photos of their new campaign. Shot by Bridget Fleming of Downtown From Behind, the images depict a realistic (but so serene) NYC, one where the streets open up in front of you as you glide down an empty avenue in all Coach gear. But as dreamy and distant as this all seems, Coach helps us believe that if we wear their springtime offerings, this picturesque New York is possible. Either way, we agree on one thing: with these cross body bags and brightly colored satchels, it's way easier to paint the town red (or erm, candy-colored) just in time for the sun. (and the public bike share coming to NYC in July!)
Check out the video campaign below for good ridin' in action.
Photos: Courtesy of Coach

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