5 Things You Can Wear Backward (To Get The Good Kind Of Side-Eye)

backwards-necklacePhoto: Courtesy of Ilana Ariel.
Perhaps your inspiration is Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars, Nicole Kidman in Baz Luhrmann's Chanel No. 5 film , or — no judgment — that time you got dressed in the dark — hungover. Whoever your muse, we firmly believe there's never just one, single way to wear an item. Frankly, there's a ton of fashion potential in simply wearing an accessory or a piece of clothing backward — if you know how to style it, that is.
There are countless possibilities. Flip it around, and a cleavage-baring top can become a deep-V, open back. Or, a favorite necklace may make more of an impact resting between your shoulder blades. To prime you on what pieces of your wardrobe can (and should!) be worn the "wrong" way, College Fashion has outlined a few items worth testing out. Basically, if you're starting to look like Kris Kross, you're on the right track. (College Fashion)

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