Should We Be Hanging Our Bras?

04_Before---Dana-5_r_PhoebeChuasonPhotographed by Phoebe Chuason.
In case you haven't noticed, bras come with a lot of rules. How to wash them, how often to wear the same one, how to know whether they fit. But, at the very least, we thought we were well-versed in how to put them away. Nope, wrong. As Aerie's Jenny Altman tells Teen Vogue, your brassieres don't actually belong in your underwear drawer.
Instead, Altman advises using a belt rack to hang your intimates out in the open, keeping them organized and at a hand's reach when you need one. "This creates serious space in your undie drawer and lets the bras hang nicely and keep their shape." Those empty drawers can now be used for items that need to be folded, like T-shirts, delicate knits, or pajamas.
Truthfully, we're a bit skeptical. It's not that we mind keeping our bras on display — we do that fairly often. Most of the time, unintentionally. And, often atop growing piles of clothing. Thankfully, wherever you prefer to store them, Altman, as well as other organizing pros, have plenty of clever tips up their sleeves, such as where to stack your chunky-soled shoes and what the heck to do with those belts now that they've been displaced. (Teen Vogue)

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