The Spot Treatment That Makes Breakouts Disappear Overnight

As if middle school wasn’t hard enough with all the coming-of-age feats, like shaving for the first time, meeting Aunt Flo, and not having a clue about makeup, we had to deal with breakouts, too. And mine were everywhere. My makeup routine was minimal, so I often felt like red bumps were taking over my face. For years, I shied away from family photo ops and walked the school hallways feeling embarrassed. When you have problematic skin, it follows that you quickly become obsessed with trying skin-care products that promise big results. I was determined to find an acne remedy that would work wonders on my complexion — and my self-esteem. I begged my parents to order Proactiv, but that only gave me hyperpigmentation that I struggled with into early adulthood. The one product in the line — and almost all others — I deemed my arch nemesis was the the spot treatment. Even though celebrities snap Instagrams covered in these clay dots, my skin refused to work with any of them. They did nothing. I believed they were a conspiracy. As anyone who was a preteen a decade ago can attest, Clean & Clear dominated the hormonal, puberty-induced acne scene. I hoped it would be my saving grace, so I snatched one of the spot treatments and thought, What the hell, might as well try it one last time. The first difference was the texture: a lightweight, non-sticky gel — and clear! After just one night of use, the redness on a massive pimple living on my jawline had reduced significantly. Not to be overly dramatic, but it felt like a miracle. I tried it again, and again, and again, and it took out blemishes in no time, without fail, making my skin look clearer and smoother overnight. As an adult, I still adore this little silver-and-purple tube. The treatment, plus my favorite cleanser, solves all my flare-up woes with dryness or flakiness when I wear it under makeup. I've got 99 problems, but my breakouts will never be one.

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