Rad Or Bad: The Chalkboard Manicure

Chalkboards and nails — never the twain shall meet, lest we suffer from ear-splitting agony. Seriously, the phrase "like nails on a chalkboard" was coined for a reason, which is why MTV Style's report that Ciaté is releasing a chalkboard manicure has us shaking our heads in confusion. What the what?
Ciaté, who you may recall as the geniuses behind the caviar and velvet manicure box sets, is said to be releasing this chalkboard DIY nail set on April 23 in the U.K., but no word on when or if it will be coming Stateside. The set will retail for £18 ($27) and contain the chalkboard polish, a topcoat, and four liquid chalk pens in white, pink, blue, and green.
There's not a lot of info floating around on them yet, so we don't really know what to expect. Will the polish make your nails feel like a chalkboard? Can you erase the liquid chalk pen marks? Does the chalk rub off all over everything you touch? If we misbehave in class, will we be forced to stay after school and clean the nail erasers?
We need answers to our many, many burning questions before we can make any sort of call confirming or denying the radness of chalkboard nails. We will say that if these even have the faintest resemblance to the texture of an actual blackboard, then we're out — just the thought of touching that every time our fingers brush against our nails gives us the willies. (MTV Style)
Are you on board with chalkboard nails, or is this a pass for you?

Photo: Courtesy of Ciaté