5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 12 2012

If style star Chloë Sevigny has a hard time borrowing designer duds, then we’re definitely in trouble. She breaks out the boxing mitts and dishes about her edgy acting career in this in-depth interview for Out Magazine. (Out)
Summertime means finally letting your feet free from stuffy socks and boots, so what better way to show them off than some personalized Havaiana sandals. This Saturday, head out to East Hampton and make your own pair of fly flip-flops. (Hamptons)
Batter Up! The competitive spirit of the sport comes out in this baseball and style collab, as designers battle it out to create some new ‘fan’tastic jerseys for the New York Mets. (NY Times)
While most girls go the homemade, cucumber eye mask route when attempting sleepover facials, 12-year-old uptown girl Willa Doss opted for creating her own skin care line. (NY Post)
The spawn of Scientologie’s favorite couple, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, will now be calling NYC her home sweet home. Will the streets be fabulous enough for this high-heeled wearing tyke? (NY Daily News)

Photo: Via Out Magazine