21 Hidden Beauty Gems You Can Find In Chinatown

Decoding Asia's cult-beauty obsessions has become a major American pastime as of late. The makeup and skin-care tips, tricks, and secrets uncovered in Japan, South Korea, and China have often become the next big thing here. And, while it may seem like we are diametrically opposite in terms of our own beauty regimens, if you’ve found yourself spending some extra time on your skin in recent years, it’s likely because of what’s happening overseas. In those countries, a traditional regimen of as many as 10 products at once is not considered a luxury — it's more of a right, and a fun one at that!
Sure, our minds (and makeup cases) might already be filled with K-beauty sheet masks and Shiseido cleansing oils, but they're probably lacking in Chinese products, the hidden gems of the Asian beauty market. Even though they haven't garnered as much buzz as their Korean and Japanese counterparts, Chinese goods are equally effective and totally satisfying.
With tons of research and sleuthing (and a little help from NYC-based Chinese beauty entrepreneurs Ling Chan and Wei Young Brian), we uncovered our very own Eastern beauty mecca just off Canal Street. So, what better than to provide you with a roadmap to discovery — one that gives the skinny on the best Chinatown beauty spots to shop at, and exactly what items to buy at each.
Forget your favorite French pharmacy. The Chinese version is now where it's at.

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